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Throughout these 164 years, we have adapted to the circumstances of the times and proved the resilience of the company and the men and women who have contributed to its success. Since its inception, 5 kings and 21 presidents of the republic have been heads of state, we witnessed the birth of the railway in Portugal, we saw that the map was pink, we faced the 1918/1919 flu pandemic, we overcame two world wars, 12 human beings walked on the moon, 2 Portuguese received the Nobel Prize and a total of 119 ministers of education have been part of successive governments. We have been able to adapt to change.

Of the space that existed then, today only the original ceiling remains. The remodelling work, which took place in 2007, increased the surface area of the shop, so that the precious metals and watches workshop moved back, occupying an old cellar, all in granite stone. The current owner, António de Jesus Duarte, has managed the company since 1967. At the time, besides being a jewellery shop, this was a space that functioned as a school in the "art" of watchmaking.

We began our activity with watches that were works of art and precision, at a time when wristwatches were only used by the wealthy classes. We saw the popularisation of this object during World War I, as soldiers needed to have quick access to the time on the battlefields. Since then, the mechanisms were perfected and the timekeeping became more precise. In the last quarter of the 20th century, mechanical watchmaking experienced a desert crossing in the face of Japanese supremacy of quartz. In 1967, it was discovered how to utilise the electromagnetic radiation of cesium and apply it to watches. The strings gave way to electronic circuits and electromagnetic vibrations. The digital watch was born. It was also the start of a new area of mechanical watchmaking as watchmakers believed in their craft and set out to reinvent it, giving rise to new designs and mechanical evolutions that set themselves apart. We have always followed this path. We make available the watch you are looking for and provide all the necessary technical assistance.

Portuguese Jewellery has evolved a lot since this company was founded. Today, it is differentiated throughout the world by the way it preserves traditional techniques and handcrafted processes, which give each jewel a stamp of exclusivity, quality and detail. At a time when we are under pressure from the consumer market, we want to value the work of our artisans, the passion with which they mould metals, the thoroughness with which they execute each technique and the attention they devote to every detail. Here you can find the difference and the care in advising any purchase option.

In the workshop we will take care of the piece of jewellery that needs repairing. We have also had along this path, a constant concern with the After-Sales Service, that is, we promote the permanent attention to the needs of our Clients.