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Shipping & Returns

My country is not in the European Union. Do you ship to my country?
We ship to the EU and any non-EU country (within the international rules).

Will I pay customs fees and taxes upon arrival?
If your country is not in the EU you may pay local taxes and duties. To avoid paying double VAT, please contact us before making your purchase.

How much is the shipping and what type of shipping is available to my country?
Each country has different shipping costs and shipping methods. See our tables on this page.

International VAT rules
As of January 1, 2021 with the implementation of BREXIT and after July 1 of the same year for all non-EU countries, sales of goods to these countries, including the United Kingdom, will be exempt from VAT on shipments made through Portugal and the same will only be charged by the destination country, as well as the respective customs duties (when applicable).

The site Ourivesaria Central obeys the mandatory application of Portuguese VAT included in the final price, and if you are a resident in one of these countries and have tax number of that country (mandatory), you can make your purchase without the application of this rate.

To do this you must contact us before making a purchase directly on the site.

Proceed to register on the site (name, address, etc.).
Send us the details of the purchase you want to make (reference, quantity, coupon code) through our chat, email or WhatsApp.
Afterwards we will send you a proforma invoice confirming the purchase with the amounts exempt from VAT and you can pay in the way you choose through the website like a normal purchase,

For this option is required the customer's VAT number or other official number corresponding to the name and shipping address.

Example of countries included in this option:

  • United Kingdom ( except Northern Ireland)
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Canada Angola
  • Brazil

Shipping & Returns


Ourivesaria Central provides shipping to Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world by CTT Registado, Expresso or EMS*.

*All shipments are subject to the shipping conditions of the piece ordered and respective manufacturing/availability period. Please check the deadline in the respective product sheet, before choosing your shipment.

- Portugal Mainland: Express Delivery - 24 to 48h
- Madeira and Azores: CTT registrada- 2 to 5 working days / Express Delivery- 2 working days.

- Europe: CTT registrada- 3-7 working days / Express Shipping - up to 3 working days (except retention in customs for countries outside the EU).
- Other countries: Registered CTT - up to 20 working days / Express EMS - 3 to 5 working days (excluding customs retention time in the destination country).

Europe | Euro Zone

- Portugal Mainland

  • NACEX - Value €5.99
  • CTT Expresso - Value €5.99

- Portugal Islands

  • CTT Registado - Value € 3.99
  • CTT Expresso - Value € 9.50

- Spain (Peninsula):

  • Value € 7.50

- Spain ( Islands)

  • Value € 9,50

- Europe 1 ( Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland ( + Northern Ireland), Italy, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria)

  • CTT registered - Value €7.50
  • Express Mail - Value €18.00

- Europe 2 (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Sweden)

  • CTT registered - Value €7,50 Shipping Express Value €22,00

Extra-community Shipments

- United Kingdom

  • CTT registered up to € 250 - Value € 10,00
  • CTT Express + € 250 - Value €25,00 (Brexit tax included)

- Brazil and Canada

  • CTT Registered up to $250 - Value £10.00
  • EMS Express from €250 to 2000 - Value €69,00

- United States

  • CTT registered up to $250 - Value $12.00
  • EMS Express from $250 to 2000 - Value $69.00

- Rest of the World

  • EMS Express - Value $69.00


For international urgent shipments please contact us for a quote. If your country is not listed, or you have any questions, please contact us using the contacts available.