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Tax Free

  1. Requirements to make Tax Free shopping.
    You can benefit from Tax Free shopping in various ways, one of the requirements for making tax free purchases is not having the nationality of the country we are travelling to, nor residing for a long period of time in it.

  2. When paying for the purchase, you should ask the clerk for the Tax Free form.
    • Fill in all the fields of the form, legibly and in capital letters. Incomplete or illegible forms can cause problems and may prevent tax free refunds;;
    • Once at the airport, go to the Global Blue Tax Free counter and present the tax refund form, your travel documents (passport, visa, etc.) and the items you wish to deduct;
    • At that same counter, once the form has been confirmed and validated, they will proceed with the refund right away. Depending on the country, the counter will deduct part of the tax as a commission. If you prefer to receive your refund by another means (credit card, bank transfer, etc.), deposit your form in the operator's collection box indicated on it. This type of refund is made at a later date.